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So unless i can get a used bmw f650gs for the same price as a cb500x, its going to be a tough choice come spring (winter here being several months long has given me the luxury of sitting on my fat a$$ and watching you tube and reading reviews)....
I know, before you cry and moan, that they are different bikes meant for different things, trust me, those months on my a$$ have taught me that, and a while lot more... I like the look and capability of the adventure bikes. I like the ride position etc... The fact that it can go off road is of little importance to me, nice but not the highest thing on the list. The roads in montreal are woefully bad, so thats about as off road as its ever going to get.
The cb500x is looking good right now, although i have never sat on it, but i can forgive a lot when the machine machine brand new is still way cheaper than what my heart wants! I may do this for a couple of years, and then go for a F700gs.
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