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Omni-Cruise Ride Report

Well, I've had it for more than a month now, but not gotten around to using it until last weekend on my Yamaha TDM900.

It makes a fantastic toy for fiddling with in front of the TV by the way.

Beautifully engineered; just fun to play with.

So, how does it work?

Bloody well actually.

Firstly, you can slide it on over the end of the bar without having to force the jaws apart (unlike some others).

Secondly, the design of the rubber grommet is inspired; when installed it provides a channel between two raised ridges which keept the Omni-Cruise in line (whereas the plastic version sometimes needed a bit of alignment before applying it).

Thirdly, the infinitely variable tension works a treat. With the plastic version I found I had to build the grip up with self amalgamating (rescue) tape to get the thing to grip and keep a constant throttle. On one of my bikes I overdosed on the tape, turning engagement of the cruise into a two handed job. With the omni cruise, if the bike seems to be gradually losing revs you simply wind a bit more pressure on the set screw, re-set it, and Robert's your mothers brother.

Fourthly, even with sufficient tension to keep the throttle in a constant poistion, backing it off was very smooth and reliable (i.e. no brown stain moments).

The only shortcoming (if you would call it that) is that the Omni-Cruise is quite noticable on the handgrip. I find myself reluctant to leave the bike unattended and leave the Omnie-Cruise on the handgrip. The previous (plastic) version was less noticable and less expensive, and more prone to breaking, so I just left it there and took my chances. The Omni-Cruise looks like an expensive and well made bit of gear, and I think it will prove more attractive to theives.

Who would have thought that a product could be too well made and too well finished?

In summary, I'm totally delighted with the product, and happily recommend it to you all.

To make matters better, it is made by an ADV inmate, Brian, who has invested a lot of time and effort in designing and producing the product, and who, co-incidentally, seems like a very nice bloke from the conversations I have had with him via PMs.

PS I exercise no copyright over this review.(Go your hardest with it Brian)
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