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A little progress....

But life has been getting in the way. My wife's uncle (89) just went into hospice, and he's failing fast. We moved him down here from Wyo in August, and he took another fall (his third) a couple weeks ago. By the time he got to ICU, he was unresponsive and his body wasn't accepting food. He's a cool guy, quite interesting, it'll be hard to see him gone. He was a retired colonel in the army, as well as a safety engineer at an oil refinery; never married, so he had money to spend on his interests. After those two gigs, he pretty much started the Sinclair town museum, and ran it up until last year; got it on some historic museum listing that warranted a sign on the freeway. He was on the board of regents at the Univ of Wyoming, where in the 50's he was an all conference swimmer. Collected and donated enough indian art that the University put on a show of his collection. He was still sharp, right up until the last couple months. He had a Greeves at one time; if I can find it among the remaining relatives, I'd like to restore it in his memory.

Back to the progress...I have the wiring pretty much finished, at least I'm at the point where I'm ready to try what we used to call the smoke test. Hook up the battery. If nothing smokes that's a good first sign. I was surprised at how much it takes in the way of supplies to rewire a bike, even starting with a new harness...

And some of the supplies even included some wiring, connectors and stuff.

Will snap a few pix of the wiring harness runs as they stand now after I've convinced myself they work correctly with the battery hooked up. So far I've just ohmed things, but nothing out of the normal showed up in that, so it's a good sign. Haven't wired in the Dyna yet, I may get it running first off the points. more when I get more garage time. roy
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