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Got a little bit done this weekend - received the O2 bungs to weld onto the exhaust, got the new handlebars wired, connected & bolted on, and started putting things back together a little. Notably, the Megasquirt engine controller is installed & I got the firmware loaded onto it and began setting up the inputs. The battery I had for the bike was completely dead & wouldn't hold a charge, so I couldn't crank it over with the starter. However, kicking it over with the MS on and datalogging, it was reading about 600 RPM - this seems a little high for kick-starting, but at the very least I am getting signal from the cam position sensor. Picked up a new battery earlier today which I'll be charging to try again with the starter, and hopefully I'll have more of the sensors wired up to conduct a more thorough test.

At this point, the biggest mechanical tasks to be done are fixing a couple of tiny leaks around the new fittings on the tank that will need another weld bead drawn over them, re-sealing the tank, a little touch-up on the throttle cable mounts, and the O2 sensor bungs to be welded to the exhaust, plus a tiny bit of wiring and wrapping up the harness.

Electrically there's a bit more testing thats involved, and then of course the tuning, but for that to start, the bike needs to make its way out of hibernation in the basement

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