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Hey guys!

Originally Posted by TwilightZone View Post
Hmmm... I think that's a route that Coco advised.... "muy malo"
Originally Posted by rider914 View Post
I've got a gps track for that route and it is still hard to see on GE.
Originally Posted by Moto Vaquero View Post
I've been up and down that (assuming it's the same trail) a few times over the years. I have yet to hear of anybody on beasts go up it. I assume you lived and the buzzards aren't pecking your eyes out since your typing about it.

So, does anyone have a name for this route?
After describing it to some guy at San Francisquito, he said he was sure it was "Mine Road."
That's what I put on the videos, but who knows if that's right.
He was just some random guy.
What about "8 mile road"? Is that in the area?

After you guys see the pics, maybe someone will have a definitive answer.
As I mentioned, Matt just found it on Google Earth and thought it looked promising.
It would be nice to have a proper name for it.
Scott thought we should call it "Wan way"

Hi HWD - I've never stayed at Alfonsina's so I thought El Sacrificio was great.
I don't like to be surrounded by people, even if they're moto folks.
But, Matt said the food at Alfonsina's is much better.
It's nice to have a backup plan, nonetheless.

Hola Bartek! Hola Goggles!
I know you guys are going to love this next part!

p.s. Hey oldtrucks - glad you found us. Got an ice cream pic or 2 later in the trip.
Nice to see you RedRockRider and LoudAl!

Day 2: 2/18/13 Gonzaga Bay to San Francisquito, continued
191 miles

When we were looking at the maps, Matt said he didn’t want to take the regular way to Coco’s.
Instead, he pulled up Google Earth, found Coco’s and then looked for alternatives.
He said he found one trail that looked promising and he hoped we could “connect the dots.”
For those of you who have read our other ride reports,
I sometime call this “yoinking” (as in “you really yoinked that one out of your butt, didn’t you?”) and it usually leads to us riding something “adventurous.”

The road started off nice. Easy riding through the cactus.

It was pretty. A little sandy, a little gravely.
Then we started seeing more rocks.
And more sand.

BigWan and I had a silly get off in the sand. No biggie.
(no pics, but it’s in the video)
Scott was having a blast, so we sent him off ahead.
Bartek followed.

Then there were some bigger rocks.
It seemed that Bartek was doing some stunt riding...

Somehow he landed on this one, facing the wrong way?

His shifter got bent, but he said it was no problem.

We pushed his bike off the rock and he went on ahead.

Bartek had a little trouble on this section, but not bad.
Considering that he’s only been riding dirt for 18 months,
he’s frickin’ awesome!

It was not a beginner trail by any means.

Matt was getting a workout, doing it 2up.
We took a breather here.

OK, Scott - what’s up?

Oh. That.

I like this picture of Scott.

While we were deciding what to do, I found some flowers for Ladybug!

OK, all that stuff was captured by the GoPro (before it died for the day).
It’s a longish video, but I think it’s worth it.
You get a real sense of how our rides go.
Thrills, spills, and a whole lot of laughing.

Matt decided to send me to scout ahead.
He said, “OK, Kel. Let’s call this section here a 3.
Go check it out and let us know if you see anything that would be a 6.”

Okey dokey.
See - that was their first mistake. Sending me ahead.
A smart wife would have said, “I don’t need to scout ahead. I can see it from here.
We aren’t doing this crap - TURN AROUND.”
But, I’m not a smart wife.
I’m a Wan.

Here’s the “3”

I hiked (ATGATT - helmet and all) ahead and took a few pics.
I don’t do any of that tricky stuff, like putting the camera down on the ground.
This was just taken as I was hiking up the hill.
Of course, I’m only 4’12.5” (thanks larryboy!), so I'm down pretty low anyway.

Hmm. Nothing worse yet.
They can do this.

And this.

This isn’t even a “1”

And that’s just sand.

Hmm. Does it get rockier around the corner?
I didn’t know how far to go, but I was getting tired.
That Superbowl cold had really taken its toll and it was hard to hike all ATGATT.
Man, it was getting hot out here, too.

This morning, Matt had tried to get everyone to fill up their hydration packs.
“Guys, we need to have full water today”
But we all moaned about how it was just going to be some beach riding and some easy stuff.
No one wanted to carry the extra weight.
After all, we were only going to Coco’s.
He gave up. But wasn’t happy about it.

I hope we didn’t make a huge mistake...

I tried to call Matt on the intercom, but I was out of range.
Well, hope that was far enough.
I could hear the bikes being started up. I guess they got impatient.
Later, Matt said he had been yelling for me, but I couldn’t hear him.

Here’s what they were doing while I was scouting ahead:

I took this photo for Ladybug on my way back.

I told the guys I didn’t see anything worse than a 3.
Nothing they couldn’t handle.
It goes on for a long way, but I *think* it gets better.

I’m pretty sure they were little disappointed with my scouting.
Especially later when they got up there and went further.
“WTF was she thinking??”
But, you gotta remember I’m used to seeing the 990 tackle gnarly shit.
As far as I can tell, they can do almost anything.

I didn’t have to walk all the way back to the beginning, thank goodness.
But it was pretty far.
Here comes El Bartek!

Goggles Pizano!

Hi, Mr. Honey!

Bye, Mr. Honey.
Aww, crap.
Now I have to turn around and hike the frickin’ section AGAIN.

Luckily, I didn’t have to hike ALL of it.
Matt was waiting for me and we rode 2 up on some of the easier parts.

I jumped off for this section, though.
Now we were beyond the stuff I had scouted.

Go Bartek!!

Oooh. This step looked tricky.

Scott came back to give Bartek a hand.

That step got him. I think his tire got stuck in that notch.

Flowery bush for Ladybug

Yay, teamwork!

Here comes Matt...

OK, now it seems like we’re through the hardest parts.
We hope.
I get back on the bike and we continue 2up.

I wish the GoPro had been working for this stuff,
but while I was scouting, Matt had turned it off to save the battery
and it now it wouldn’t turn back on.

My photos will have to suffice.

We were able to ride 2up some more.
Until this point. We did really great up most of the hill,
but something happened (a rock rolled out from under us?)
and I got thrown off.
OK, I can take a hint. I’ll walk.

Looking back at what we just rode...

BigWan, taking a breather.

Looking forward.
Ugh. More ATGATT hiking.


So close, yet, so far.
I hate hiking.

It was kinda pretty looking back.
I think that’s a bit of the Sea of Cortez out there...

There’s BigWan.
I was frickin’ dying right here.
This was horrible in Mx boots.

Taking a well-deserved rest.

I’m a sweaty mess in this photo.
Good thing it’s not smell-O-vision!

Here comes Goggles!

And, El Bartek!

Woooo! We made it!!
Look at those happy F’ing Fs!

We were all stoked at this point.
We did it! We survived.
Everyone was super thirsty so we drank a bunch of water.
Scott and Bartek were pretty much out, so we gave them some of our emergency water.
We really should have filled our hydration packs like Matt wanted to.
But we were going to be okay.
It looked like the road was getting easier again.

That had to have been the toughest part of the trail.

Uh oh.

Cliffhanger until tomorrow!
Man, I have so many photos for Day 2.

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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