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Originally Posted by LaurelPerryOnLand View Post
But...if you decide to CAMP at Teklanika River Campground at DENALI NATIONAL'll get'll have're MANDATORILY OBLIGATED to... watch a 30-minute video about "Camping with Bears"...yeah there are 2,000 grizzlies at Denali.

I was told NOBODY has ever been killed by a Griz in DNP!

We were stopped on one of the visitor buses well within the park and a GRIZZLY jumped out from behind a bush onto the road and walked down the entire length of the bus. Driver never saw it until he jumped. Then...100 yards further down the road...2 hikers...yes we advised them about Mr. Griz and they decided to 'take the bus'.

Vaguely remember something about 100 yard equilateral triangle points
...CAMP at one point
...STORE FOOD at one point
...COOK at one point.

NEVER have all 3 at the same point. I guess that I was paying a little attention.
Thanks for the information, and I had previously read about the separation required to prevent issues, so that shouldn't be much of an issue... as for carrying a gun on my bike, I don't even own one, nor am I in the market for one...

I'm itch'n to go now, but I know it is too cold yet up there...
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