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The night before I was to head out on the CDT ride, my wife informs me she has NEVER felt good about it. She has never said that to me before. Ive gone to the Arctic Circle, Iceland, Central America all within the last couple of years and she never has said anything. I chalk it up to jitters. About 5AM I wake up to my 4 year old lil girl (I have 6 kids total) screaming! She was having a bad dream (never happened before). She said that I was going to ride my motorcycle to heaven and not say goodbye!!!??? I dont scare easily, but I have to admit the hair on my neck raised.

I went on the trip anyway....

Hit a corner too fast about an hour into the trip and couldnt hold the corner. Went off the road and indeed (sp?) the bike. Totaled the bike but it was like I landed on a pile of feathers!!

Guy comes out of his house and says 6 other riders in the last year have died on that corner and he thought I was #7.

Im just glad I came away completely unscathed. I never dreamed I would stop riding, but now this has got me thinking twice. The old saying "you know when you know" sure holds true. I just cant believe that I have no desire to ride...... maybe ever.....
You call it quits when it isn't fun anymore.

One of my early riding mentors told me two things I have never forgotten:

1) Never underestimate how cold you can get on a motorcycle.

2) If you think about crashing all the time, you won't have any fun.

The second one really involves having a kind of tame paranoia. The trick is keeping it tamed. There have been times, often for a year or more, that I haven't ridden. I just had the feeling that if I did I was going to get myself dead. I just took the bike apart. Sometimes my life is like that. You don't ever have to call it quits exactly--but you might not have a bike. You ditch the old helmet but you keep your leathers and boots. if they're still in the closet when you head for the pearly gates, so what? But if you seriously get the itch again, get a bike and a new helmet and try it out. You'll be back having fun or you won't.

You cannot predict the future. You cannot say that the way you feel now is the way you will fell a few years from now. Much can happen (often pretty sad things) that can change your outlook considerably. I think it best not to consider any chapter closed---mostly written perhaps, but not closed.

I remember, when I must, that it was a pretty sad thing that got me into motorcycling. I was running away from something that hurt, looking for distractions from pain. I didn't grow up with bikes although by my mid 20's I had a number of friends that rode. The pain eased in time but I was hooked on bikes. I still am. But still there are days, or months, that I don't ride. Sometimes I know it's OK, sometimes I know I will just try to kill myself. Some pains don't fade and sometimes you are tempted by the ultimate distraction. So I remain ever guarded. I'm OK with it I guess. It's the hand I was dealt and I play it. But I'm always open to it changing, to new things---even if there isn't a motorcycle in the picture anymore.

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