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Originally Posted by Proud Highway View Post
I've read about a lot of TAT and CDR rides and I've yet to see one website with a point-to-point description of miles, terrain, elevation, fuel stops, gear/bike recommendations, accommodations with a detailed narrative of each leg of the trip and video footage. Perhaps they are available in the commercial realm, but I've yet to see anything with that level of information in one place for free.

The primary criticism of the TID seems to be the formatting of the navigation. I'm a GPS neophyte, so I asked a TID alumnus about navigation--I had the Garmin-compatible files emailed to me 10 minutes later.

Re the "wilderness" comment: The designation of a Wilderness Area by the Federal Government has a specific meaning and effect. I assume your capitalization of the word and comment presumes that meaning, however, nothing of what I said or anything having to do with the TID suggests that particular meaning of the word as opposed to the ordinary meaning. Which begs the question: are you confused or petulant?

I've taken instruction in SCUBA, rock climbing, firearms, piloting etc; my teachers in these risky hobbies have all taken a similar tone to that of the TID creators. I don't think it would be responsible to promote a ride like the TID without some basic screening of the ill-prepared and/or lightweights. To that end, would you want to encourage people to attempt a 1,400 mile ride in the back country if they couldn't be counted on to read basic instructions? Likewise for the prideful, easily butthurt or plain novice?

There are a lot of sources for qualitative information about the ride on the TID forum and facebook page. I've learned a lot hanging around those areas--enough that I was convinced to abandon my 2012 attempt so that I could better prepare.
Thanks for your help here. I hope that you are coming back in 2013. A shout to Ralph, as well. Both of you get it.


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