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Originally Posted by fnqgr650 View Post
Hi Pablo

Bumped into you on other post Xmas. I have a gr650 and speedo is now shot, tacho is going to get cable coming thru post and I am relying on gps which i have to remove all the time to avoid someone else doing the same. I don't really want to move away from original speedo/dash but given two other options I might need to. I am looking at the $50 new, seperate speedos or second hand other model/make. Any advice is well recieved?
That's a tough one. If you want OEM gauges then check eBay and you probably want to check eBay sites in some European countries as well since this is going to be hard to find.

If you are going to buy an aftermarket speedo they come in different ratios. The GR is 2240:60 (2240 RPM= 60 MPH). I bought a cheap J&P branded speedo from J&P and it never worked well and completely broke in 6 months and they wouldn't replace it, so I don't recommend them. Lots of Harley's are 2240:60 so there are lots of speedos out there that will work.

The last option I can think of is a Trailtech Vapor unit. It permanently mounts to the bike. You will need to glue a magnet to the front tire and clamp a pickup to the forks to run the unit. These are popular for plated dirt bikes.
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