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Sorry for the delay and... more delay.

So I pretty much got stuck here and started living normal life "más o menos". I haven't been riding much so there isn't much to report but I know I have to at least catch up to Xela. This will be coming soon. In the meantime I'm living in Xela, hanging out, meeting many cool people, but getting the bike in and out of the school is a hassle, so I ride only once a week or less The monitor on my laptop has vibrated loose so only works intermittently, which makes any computer related task a chore. Sorry.

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I'm glad to see your still enjoying yourself and having what looks like a great time! Thanks for sharing the amazing scenery around Lake Atitlán. It's a beautiful area and easy to see why someone could tend to hang out for a while...
Thanks Wander. It's been great and I'm enjoying settling down for a bit. I'll be here about a month total, then hopefully I'll cruise down into El Salvador for a couple of weeks and up to Belize for a couple of weeks on my way back north. Some of that depends on when work starts

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Great RR . I like the pics. I am laying In stocks to duplicate what you are doing and one of my upgrades from a Garmin 76CX is to a Montana so when I take a snap shot like yours others could know where I was Literally. IE all of the good places and all of the Bad places . I was wondering if there would be a thread / RR where someone used a Garmin Montana would post pics that also have the GPS data included. that way even without saving a massive track of 5000 + miles there would be a route .
Hey Jim, thanks for getting through it I bet there's a thread in the GPS section that does something similar maybe... My camera actually has GPS built in, but it sucks so much battery (even when off) that I don't use it It's a great idea though and you should pilot that program for others to imitate! Wait, does the Montana take pictures?!? I guess I could just waypoint my photos with the garmin, but it's so much work... You'll see Don't rely on the GPS to tell you where to go, you'll miss all the good roads!

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"Kinda getting stuck in Xela for a while... "

So let's see her picture.

Great photos of the lake.
Oh Pete... Fine, I haven't been riding much, but here's a picture of a friend on our ride to the hot-springs (developed, but really nice) Great road, practically falling off the cliff (literally in some places) and beautiful views of the surrounding volcanoes. More to come when I catch up.

We also climbed that volcano in the background (at night during the full moon). Pretty intense!! New personal record for vertical gain over horizontal distance (and I hike for a living). More to come...

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Nice job riding around the lake! I didn't get to do that, scared off by the stories.

Well the DR's are great, but for what you're doing now, you have the perfect ride. I will never be happy until I have a bike for every purpose (that would be four bikes) Keep up the great RR,

Ps - thanks for visiting my RR, I didn't get enough views for the amount of work it was :)
It is a lot of work! Thanks for the insight on the DR. I guess it's back to vacillating I'm stuck on the thought that smaller would be better, but I guess than maybe I wouldn't be able to pick up passengers which is one of the highlights of travelling I think.

...but maybe the DR can handle it

Well, back to studying... I think that my Spanish now is worse than before I took classes, but only because now I know how bad it really is
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