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Originally Posted by HardWorkingDog View Post

"Damn you, Google Earth!"

That line cracks me up every time!
I'm glad you watched the video.

- have fun! Baja is awesome
hi mamacone! thanks for joining us

Hey JustPaul - yeah, those guys really kicked butt. It was something.
Thanks, ladybug! you got me in the habit of checking for flowers.
It's nice. I enjoy it now.

! All right - linking your ass off!

Heh, that's exactly the scene we were thinking of.
So. thirsty.

Day 2: 2/18/13 Gonzaga Bay to San Francisquito, continued
191 miles

Everyone was feeling hopeful.
We’re almost there!
That’s just a little sand. We’re good.

And then we saw this.

I got off to go scout.
Looking back at Goggles and BigWan.


Very rocky.

Big ol’ chunks.


The boys dug deep and then went for it...
Go, Scott!!

Matt caught up to me. How you doin'?

Damn you, Google Earth!

More ATGATT hiking. That’s Bartek up there...

Scott was still chipping away at it...

Next up was Matt.

Bartek had been ready to assist when needed...

And Matt was going to return the favor.

El Bartek, psyching himself up. You can do it!

I’m pretty sure this is what mrdozer called the “What the f*** were we thinking” trail...

But, I still kinda like “Wan Way.”

OK, NOW can we celebrate? We did it! Congratulations, everybody!

Wooooo Hooooo!

We were feeling hopeful as we started to descend...

So far, so good...

There was a wash at the bottom (of course) and it was full of deep sand.
Matt and I were so tired, we had a get off right here.

We didn’t really see a trail here, just trying to make our way towards the road.

Somewhere around here, we hit some deep, soft stuff and I got flung into a sage brush.
I smelled like sage for a while, but at least it wasn’t a cactus!

Still looking for the road...

Found it!

Then lost it.

Connecting the dots, remember?

Here we go!
We popped out on the main road right here,
next to one of Coco’s warning signs.

Now we were on the way to Coco’s corner.

There it is!

Three hours to go from Punta Final to Coco’s Corner.
Is that a record or something?

Only 173 more miles to go!!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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