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Originally Posted by pckopp View Post
There are thousands of tour guides published each year with maps and directions. I doubt they have bought any kind of liability insurance.

I don't see where your liability is. If I tell you to ride up I-5 to Seattle and give you directions to my house and you have a wreck, I wouldn't be liable. What do I not understand?
I am away for winter so I can't check any of my books but I would bet that every one of them have big disclaimer section. As to insurance, if you have any assets, and if you get so far as publishing books and you have not formed an LLC or purchased at least umbrella insurance, you are a fool.

It doesn't matter what you see, it is all up to the injured party. If they file a cival claim, you pay to defend yourself or pay the claim. In most cases it is cheaper to pay the claim. I was on the board of directers of AMA District 37, a road rider drove straight off the highway at a curve and filed a claim against Suzuki, Dunlap, and AMA. Our insurance just paid the guy. An enduro rider cut the course, crashed in a hole, our insurance paid. Without insurance we would have been out a lot of money paying or defending.
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