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The thing isn't junk exactly, but the seller is a moron. If he parted it out, and the other motor, he'd get his money. There is a strong market for used parts. But you want to be on the right side of that, ie. selling, not buying. As a rule, don't do biz with morons.

It needs so much that it is going to be very costly to get it on the road. You want something at least intact so you can see how everything goes---if you are starting out.

Your best bet is an original owner machine, fully operational with about 100k on it, a big stack of service records and crappy cosmetics. it will be cheap and you should have 30k before it needs stuff like a timing chain or head work. that's a few years of riding and working on it and getting to know it. You will also find out if you are airhead material. Clean up the cosmetics and you can sell it at a profit right there. They last well over 500k so if you keep it then it may be the last one you own.

Avoid the R65.
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