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Originally Posted by rnrdozer View Post
LW, this was definitely the trail we took, or as I called it "the what the f@#k were we thinking trail" but I think the official name is the 8 mile trail. I ride rocks all the time at home for fun, crazy I know!! and this trail was all we wanted going down hill on small bike! great job riding up hill on big pigs! great pictures of the trail too! I only got two since I was busy hanging on for dear life!!
Holy crap, I JUST now noticed that your ADV name is rnrdozer!

All this time I've been calling you "mr. dozer" - I'm blind.
Sorry! I blame Mr. Plow:

(pretty catchy, huh? maybe you'll consider a name change! )

OK - 8 mile trail. That's good to know. Thanks!
I'll change the video titles.

Glad you like the pics! I know it's the last thing on your mind when you're out there.
Yep, fun stuff indeed! a highlight of our trip for sure.

Originally Posted by Moto Vaquero View Post
Yah, that's the trail, mine road or miners road I seem to recall Bill Nichols call it. It looks worse now than it did the last time up a couple years ago.

Serious cudos to you guys for riding up on those big beasts.

I'll be going up it in a month from...hmm...yesterday! I'll be starting early in the AM before the heat becomes a factor.

BTW, "YOINKING" is one of my favorite passtimes

P.S. I see Dozer posted while I was typing so I guess the name of the trail is the "8 mile mine rd from hell, what the fuck were we thinking!"
Wait, I'm confused now. Mine Road is right?
OK -
Haha, we'll go with your last one - "8 mile mine rd from hell, what the fuck were we thinking!"

Also - if YOINKING is one of your favorite pastimes, I guess that makes you an honorary WanKer!
Have a great trip next month - make sure you do a ride report!

Thanks, guys!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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