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I hate when the answer is that I didnīt stay at it long enough... Was simply a question of force. After I had it in place, I convinced myself it wasnīt correct because I couldnīt move the arm forward with my fingers. Guess the idea of the cable and clutch lever is to provide leverage. Duh.

however, I am a bit preoccupied by how far the arm sticks out. See pic. The space between the bottom of the flange on the arm and the case is a good 8 mm... I donīt remember how much space there was before I took it out. Can anyone confirm whether or not this is correct. The bike seems to be shifting normally otherwise, leading me to believe that itīs fine.

Hi, did you ever find out for sure if this is normal? I'm having the same exact problem. Looking around the web at various engine photos it seems this part doesn't stick up like this on other KLRs, so I'm worried that something is not aligned correctly, even though it works.
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