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Originally Posted by eatpasta View Post
I raced on saturday in the Vet class! Where where you??

I had an absolute BLAST out there on saturday. Rolled up to the start line having never been on this track before - had no idea what to expect. I got a bad start, huge hill climb, huge decent. A huger hillclimb, huger decent, then onto a ridge road, down some steep ass rocky bit, then full on supermoto style in a parking lot! through a creek and onto a car racing track kinda dirt oval thing with jumps! Hello 70 mph air!
I managed to pick off 7 or 8 guys a few of which were on the row in front of me...... no crashes, went fast and held off a leader for a little while. Great day.

Mike was out there kicking ass as usual. unfortunately he got a bad start as well but still kicked a lot of ass. He also went and co-rode a 200 miles race on sunday. ill be curious to hear how that went.

Barstow 200 went pretty good, I started on the second row with 3 other Senior A teams, got a bad start and had to ride dust for a while. Picked guys off one by one and finished the first 50 mile loop 8th OA and first in class. Donnie took off (we used two bikes), and came in about 5 minutes off pace due to riding the last 20 miles off the loop with a gimpy shock and the bike looking like a lowrider! I took off and all was going well until around the 20 mile mark I hit a BIG G-out in 5th gear and popped my rear tire. Luckily I had a mousse in the front or it would have been toast as well. So I rode the last 30 miles through some very gnarly rocky stuff at somewhat subdued pace, but still had a good lead when I got to the pits. Donnie and crew had swapped the shock on his bike so we didn't have to do a wheel change, and he brought it in 10th OA, 1st in class at 6 hours and 16 minutes.

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