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Originally Posted by JoelWisman View Post
2ma drain, thats problematic
How so?
Shunt regulators, clocks, memory etc. themselves eat a little current all the time. I also know many people using alarms with anywhere between 5-20 mA drain....

As for cy's suggestion of employing such MOSFET, it sounds really good "on paper".
Could there be a drawback apart from extra conplexity? If such system fails, will the normal state be battery-connected (i.e. no problem) or battery disconnected (problem )?
Could you make additionally this same mOSFET to disconnect the battery at LOWER than set voltage?

Than we'd have a battery that cannot be destroyed by failure of charging system, nor by cell reversal by severe discharge/imbalance!!
And yet still be able to start your bike in the morning!

Now, I've seen enough to know things are never this good and simple, so what am I missing?

Only thing I can guess at is need for cooling since a MOSFET will be passing all battery current...
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