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Originally Posted by bananaman View Post
It depends on what the check-in agreement was, right? Like if you're out there and you say, "I'll check in every day. If you don't hear from me for three days, send Blackwater," then Mom better fucking send Blackwater. But if you're out there and you say, "Mom! Leave me alone! I'll check in when I want!!!" and you're over 18, then Mom is SOL... but she's still Mom, and if she wants to pay Blackwater out of her own pocket, then she can, right up to and including having Blackwater grab her kid by the back of the neck and say, "Listen to your mother, asshole."

-says I, a dad of 2 kids who like to do adventures like their dad; two kids who know that if they don't check in on time, either I or a fucking battalion of ex Marines will find them.
You've travelled extensively, how many times have you counted on an internet connection and did not find one, none the less a phone to call home?

What if they expected to find a way to communicate and could not once they arrived at their destination?

It was a stupid knee jerk reaction on the mother's part, nothing more.
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