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You are the ONLY one who knows what bike really turns you on. Don't fall victim to what others say because typically they DON't Know!

First off, I had a big Boxer GS. It was the best handling bike I have had. It handled the dirt and twisties like no other. It was a 95 1100 GS and it handled and was better in everyway for me then my Strom. I had no problems. Final drive failures are VERY uncommon and the bearing is cheap. You can pretend its a chain and change it at the same interval for less then a chain and sproket. I had NO problems with my big GS, just got bike ADD

I had a 06 STROM, rode the piss out of it, loved it, Super fun, but I was destroying it off road. The 650 strom is a VERY capable bike and there are tons of aftermarket parts.

I replaced that with a KTM 640 ADVENTURE... Cool bike, no problems. Replaced that with another Japaneese Bike, no Problems.

Replaced that with the big GS because of the dis-belief I had in handling. I rode my buddies in the dirt and was instantly Blown away by the superior build quaility and fit and finish, They are worth the Money!

I replaced that with a Triumph Sprint ST, Super Fast, color matched luggage sick looking etc. But it didnt Do it for me.

Now I have a cheesey Japaneese DR650 that I bought for 2500.00 from a Harley Guy. Love it too.

so the moral is, don't listen to people you dont know and get the bike that excites you!

so, ive owned Japaneese, British, Austrian and German. All are awsome don't believe all the hype, get what turns you on. But... if I had 10K, I would get a F800GS since they make my heart rate rise when I see and ride one!
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