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Originally Posted by JaiDee View Post
I loved my XR when I had the carb all dialed in for the particular altitude I was riding in. After a while I even figured out the exact procedure to start the bike after I had laid it down (due to plenty of experience doing so) and could get it fired up pretty fast. However, when I violated the EXACT starting procedure (cold vs. hot vs. hot flooded due to a get-off) I could kick that bike till I was totally exhausted and not even get it to pop.

Needless to say, the carbs on XRs are very finicky. Though it's a total pain to do so, I'd suggest taking the carb off the bike again, thoroughly cleaning it again...using plenty of high pressure compressed air to make sure every minuscule bit of dirt is out of every passageway...then resetting it exactly to the factory specs.

When you go to start it be sure to not even touch the throttle. If your bike is like most XRs, even a touch of throttle will flood it.

I'm sorry if you know all this and i'm coming off like a jerk. I'm not trying to talk down to you, but I remember learning the hard way about my XR, which is probably one of the reasons I love my WRR so much.

Thanks..Mine used to start right up on the first kick. now it will not start up on the 1,321 kick.
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