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Off to the hospital

Before I cover the hospital trip, I had a few more comments about the accident scene and also uploaded some pics. Darrell told me he thought I had gone off a 15' cliff. After looking at the video and pics its probably closer to 12'. I am pretty sure the bike hit next to me and then bounced off another 10' cliff.

Pic from the where the bike landed. Steeper than it looks, blah blah blah. Note that most of these are Darrell's pics.

Bike after they picked it up. Not as bad as I expected.

Where I landed. In the soft spot between all the rocks. Pic was taken from the road about where I went off. Lighting makes it hard to distinguish the cliff edges.

Closer view.

One of the quad guys keeping me company.

Being attended to by one of the EMTs. Guys in black shirts are the quad guys.

In the meantime Darrell asked me where my tools were. They figured if they could semi-straighten out my handlebars it would be easier to roll the bike. The bars were twisted in the rox risers and were not really bent. They then rolled the bike back towards the canyon and the road dropped down to the level of that ledge system. Since they had one readily available they utilized a motorized winch for the last couple of feet, but it could have been overcome with manpower alone.

Here's the scene just before they strap me into the backboard for the ride out. I'm packing my valuables into my hydration pack to keep with me as I am not sure where my luggage will end up. I also change from moto boots to shoes.

Oh yeah, want to hear something crazy. They got my bike running.

Finally, its time to move me out. Because I could still have a neck or spinal injury, I get the backboard treatment. With the rough road this was an extremely uncomfortable ride. Luckily I had a free hand to grab the roll bar.

At the top I get transferred into a waiting ambulance for the hour long ride to the hospital in Price, UT.

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