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Picked up a 2013 800XC ten days ago. I'm almost a thousand miles into it and loving the ride.

Got pointed to this thread from another a week ago, and have pretty much read it straight through. I like your style.

The Tiger is replacing my 04 KTM 950 Adventure that I have put about 30,000 miles on in the last two years.

All I need is to get the Tiger's suspension fine-tuned and I think this bike will be with me for a long while. I'm going to drop it off for the first service (only because they said they would do it for free) on Wednesday while I leave for a few days in Big Bend, taking my plated DRZ400E.

Thanks for the inspiring read, wonderful photos and for sharing the adventure with us.

I don't know if you ever got the business with the wheel sensor sorted, but I recall reading that accumulated dust and dirt can obscure the sensor and throw the code. Might be something simple like that.

Also wanted to share an alternative for the custom earphones. I run a Sena Bluetooth headset that connects to my Zumo 660 and to my phone. I can play music to the helmet from either source, plus can communicate with my wife, get turn by turn from the GPS and take phone calls (just because I can doesn't mean I do).

I move the GPS between bikes, which allows me to use Garmin's software to plan routes and load them into it before I leave. I've used it for singletrack, jeep roads, and pavement, and it has been a very useful combination with the headset. I never knew having tunes on a ride could be so nice. I can hear the music fine, even with foam earplugs lightly inserted.

Anyway, lovin' the Tiger, wishing I had roads and vistas like you have so close to your home, but I still have some wonderful adventures in Texas.

Happy Trails!

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