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Thanks to the responders

There's more to my story, but figured this was a good spot to express my gratitude to all those who responded at the accident scene. Everybody was friendly, helpful and respectful to me the whole time. Thank you all.
  • To the SPOT team for responding exactly as hoped when I pressed the 911 button.
  • To the two guys on quads who stayed on the scene the whole time, freeing up Darrell to ride up to the highway to make phone calls. They also helped get the bike out and carried all of my luggage up to the highway. They were also going to hold on to the luggage in their camp, but that turned out to not be necessary.
  • Oh yeah, there was a couple in a third quad who happened upon the scene later. They were the ones with the winch which came in handy.
  • To the moto riders who transported the EMTs to the scene. I have no idea if they were called as part of the response or just happened upon the EMTs hiking in and volunteered.
  • To the sheriff's department for having the right kind of equipment to evacuate me from the scene. They also transported my luggage to a secure warehouse at their site and also stored my bike for the night.
  • To the two EMTs who treated me at the scene and stayed with me all the way to the hospital. They also gave me their phone number in case I needed any assistance in the next day or so.
  • To the guy who rode my bike up to the highway and the guy who rode it 30 miles to the sheriff's office. I know who they were but don't want to identify them in case its against some workplace rules. All I know is they saved me from having to pay extrication, towing and storage fees.
  • To whoever it was at the scene who got my bike started. I think Darrell said it took a bit to figure out.
  • And obviously, my buddy Darrell. He handled the initial scene great and made sure I didn't have to worry about other details like my bike or luggage. I put him in a tough spot and he stepped up.
Coming up, the hospital visit.

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