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With the new crank inspected thoroughly I set about rebuilding the bottom end. Again.


It's too cold outside in the garage so I'm working on the kitchen table. Luckily I have an understanding wife . Either that or she's just used to it after 28 years!

Transmission in with the layshaft (output shaft) shimmed to take out most of the end float I mentioned in a previous post. It's now down to slightly less than 0.10 thou, hopefully that'll do.

'New' crankshaft installed along with the balancer shaft. Looking good

et voila! Back to the same point I was at 6 weeks ago, except this time the crank turns nice a smoothly with no 'rough spot'.

Now it's on to the top-end. The piston is fine but I've got new rings, cam chain and guides to go into a freshly honed barrel. I've also built the head and cam cover back up so we should (hopefully) be good to go on the next stage.
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