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Originally Posted by davek181 View Post
I stand corrected. I pulled the bowls off both the remaining XL carb sets I have one is a ph 68, and the other is a ph 64. both have the screw type jets. I guess I never paid much attention since I was always dealing with my xr carbs and hex jets with screw off covers. By the way, the jet projection you show on the hex jet is very close to what I am used to seeing. You can just get a wrench on it to change it.
That's why I changed out the bowls. I have changed jets on the standard XL carbs without removing the carbs from the bike, but it's a bit of a pain taking both the bowls off. With the XR5 bowls it looks like it's just drain the bowl, unscrew the cap, and get a little ratchet on the jet. You're post about your XR carbs inspired this mod actually.

As for the the PH64 carbs, I haven't come across a set of those yet. Someone did a write up of XL carbs in this thread somewhere and I think those ones were from a California model.
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