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Day forty three: 2-26-13
Woke up early to get on the road to Semuc Champey. Riding through the high altitudes kinda bogs down the motorcycle and makes it a little slower than it already is, but no problems. Guatemala city was a fun one to try and navigate through. We got a little turned around a few times even with GPS. About 25 miles before Semuc the off road starts. But I wouldn’t call it off road as much as I’d call it super shitty road. There were a few parts I almost lost it in the super slick clay mud but managed to stay upright the whole time. Got to Semuc and found El Portal hostel to find the clear blue water I had seen in pictures was more of a dirty brown. We were disappointed… until the nice girl camping next to us informed us the pools were a short hike up the road. Awesome! Semuc Champey is a natural bridge where the main river flows underground for maybe ¼ mile and there are these beautiful clear-blue pools on top. Went for the hike, took some photos and even managed to sneak around the fence and get a look at where the river goes underground.

Day forty four: 2-27-13

Today we have about another fifty miles of shit-road ahead of us on our shortcut do Rio Dulce where we have found a hostel within a reasonable distance to the border crossing into Honduras. After getting lost a few times and asking locals, who had no fucking idea and would always say “yes that way”, we found our way to the “highway” which was also dirt for portions. On the way there Andy found a little more of that slick mud going around a corner too fast and went down pretty hard. No damage to Andy, a little to his mirrors, but none to the bike. Sweet. We found Rio Dulce and the Backpackers Hostel and settled in.

Now the backpackers is in an awesome location and is cheap! But the rooms are kinda small and the food a bit expensive. That being said all the procedes from this hostel go to a great cause; Casa Guatemala a house for abused and abandoned children., check it out. Since it was for a good cause I decided to sit around and donate via beers while I fished off the dock.

Day forty five: 2-28-13
Didn’t sleep to well last night and was up before sunrise, which is a good thing because we have a long ride and a border crossing today. Got everything together and headed toward Honduras. The border was fairly painless. No big mobs of people trying to sell you shit, no money exchangers bothering you, the only strange thing was when exiting Guatemala the place to export your bike is 6k from where you exit yourself. But there was no one at the Honduras crossing.

And the people were very nice for this place (Honduras) being the homicide capital of the world. Finially made it to the Caribbean!

Drove straight through the city of San Pedro Sula, which is supposedly the most dangerous city in the homicide capital of the world with no issues, and on to lake Yoajo where D&D bewery is located. D&D was awesome!

The beer is by far the best beer I have ever tasted. We had a few and went down to a local coffee plantation that lets you tour their grounds.

It was kinda cool but no coffee and most of the plants weren’t in season. More beers, then bed.
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