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Originally Posted by davek181 View Post
I get my jets from jetsrus, I just looked at their site and they have a listing by make and model. The listing for xr/xl 600 lists the proper slow jet, but they show the wrong main jet. There are basically two main jets, the hex head and screw head. My XL has XR carbs but the jets are the same hex head. Look in XR600 93- on listing and they show the right jets for hex application I believe. Measure to be sure though.

I looked up the crancase gasket and got 11191-MN1-700 for a part number. I looked it up on Babbits onlne and they show a price of just under $14.00. Your local dealer may be able to get one too.
Thanks dave Have got it sorted now. From what you said i had a bit of a brain fart!!! Got the jets out and found the actual jet is screwed into the hex head part DUH!!! As for the gaskets i'll have to have look at Babbits, havent used them before.
Thanks again mate!
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