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Originally Posted by Frostback View Post
This should go in the WTF (What the Frack!) thread, No?

Howdy Ecotox. These guys make the CG crowd look like choir boys. Slack os not cut, rather yanked with glee.

Good advice on the ride it and see first however. If my used R12GS purchase had not had Varios on it, I would have probably looked very hard at removable soft luggage like the Great Big Loop stuff. I may still. The inevitable tip overs simply trash most hard luggage and do almost nothing to the soft stuff. Their volume is similar and they are dirt simple to pack and can be scrunched down small when partially filled. If security is an issue, well, nothing is really secure.

HEY! thanks for the tip (re: loop bags -- they look neat! and worth a try - no harm in getting them, then, if i do not like, off load... no harm/foul).

Look for an e-mail in day or so re: deal... i'll be looking for thoughts (from you and a couple other guys i have on "retainer" - LOL!)
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