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Like mentioned above, I found that using a hard-heeled boot and working/jumping could eventually break the bead... but that doesn't mean the tire is flexible enough to be pulled over the rim after that.....

I had a tire that had been on, and full of air, for so long that I had to resort to this:

...course, you cannot re-use the tire.....
This is not funny. It's reality. I ended up cutting every old airhead tire instead of dismount them using manual tire changer. What you see on the Utube how easy it is using the manual tire changer to mount/dismount the tire is only true to certain degree. It might be easy to mount/dismount fresh and wide tubeless tire.

On old and narrow airhead tire, if it's dry like to picture above, you need to cut it off or send the tire to the MC shop to have it removed with a machine. If you try to remove the tire manually ,you will most likely damage or bend the rim. Last time I bought a stubborn old tire to the shop it took 2 guys with a tire machine to have the tire removed.

I finally know the limitation of a manual tire changer. Very tempting to buy an automatic one.
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