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At the hospital

At the hospital, I get full battery of chest x-rays and head/neck cat scans. While waiting for the results, Darrell shows up and tells me my bike and luggage are safely stored at the sheriff's department in Caste Dale, about 30 miles away. I'm shocked as he relates that it was ridden there at highway speeds.

Meanwhile the doc asks what my plans are if nothing shows up in the tests. Well laying there at the bottom of the cliff I thought for sure I was done. But ever since the shock and adrenaline passed, I've been feeling better and better, though my left side ribs were sore as hell. I looked at Darrell and said I'd probably want to try to continue the ride, but we'd need to stay in motels for a few nights at my expense.

Finally the results are in. Head, neck and spine are all fine. Surprisingly, nothing showing up for the ribs either, so they're just badly bruised. Sorry folks, I'm not quite superman. Doc says my left lung is partially collapsed. Its not bad enough to insert a tube to re-inflate and it should get better on its own. However, since it's compromised it could get worse so doc wants me back in for another x-ray in 24 hours. I get a couple of happy pills to get me thru the night and a prescription for more.

With only one bike between us at the moment, we're forced to get a room at the more expensive motel next door to the hospital.
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