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Hey guys! Thanks for watching-

All about the bike, which was the real success story: It worked just fine, for a change
I liked the Michelin Desert front tire. My first time away from a D606 and I kinda liked it. I wasnt completely sure of the pressure, because as my friend Buck pointed out "what good is a guage that reads 20psi all the time?"

Although i think it was around twenty I stopped and let a little out of both tires after stage 1.

I was bummed to hear about Jennas friend, that stuff is wierd when its out of the blue. Makes me glad i'm getting everythign i can in while i can.

Long story short, I think the bike did great. THe front end was planted and the damper was dialed up to about half. I spent the morning screwing up my corners, but thinking about them, constantly. what is this "Use the Throttle" you speak of? I cant give it more throttle right now, I'm still trying to get it to go slower!

It just occured to me that that Jimmy Lewis drill of riding through front wheel lock ups would actually find some practical use, here...

Anyway much to my chagrin in the final two stages, I made two perfect turns. Nobody saw them, but I know i did them, and now I'll sped forever chasing them down again

Really though, the sand was the perfect consistency, AND the front end was compliant as hell. The damping was pretty perfect, and the front seemed to walk/float right over almost anything, if you were making the engine sing. AND get the balance on the bike just right so the front could float and the rear could apply. I do indeed have the soft springs, but I think they are just right. I really like this front end right now. the trick is just keeping it in front of the back end, and give it as much gas as you can. The engine has a sound, like a WAAAHHHHH when its cooking like 7K's that is just awesome

I hit one solid ledge that didnt faze the front at all, but I felt the rear practically bottom. It was so fast and hard, I thought I might pinch flat. WHAM and gone. Thankfully, no.

Top speed all day, 83.5mph

For some unknown reason, I got seeded up at the front, just where the pointy end starts to widen out a little. I was starting 11th or something, and there were people behind me, bound to catch me. Anyway, about mile 7 into stage 2, DAve J passed me like i was standing still (forgot to turn on my camera for the firsttwo stages) and then a mile later i come around a long tight right sweeper and see his bike on its side and him crawling back to it out of woods, from going way way wide. I stopped and made sure he was ok... He had the wind knocked out, for sure! but was alive, so I blew a few minutes making sure he wasnt secretly dying, and then took off.

I got to service after that and found out Jenna had crashed on mile 1 in the same stage, I was like CRAP.

It got better as the day when on.. I rode well, for me, but the competition was fierce, and everyone rode really well. The attrition rate was really low, 34 of 38 finished.

I learned how to control the throttle a little more... will try to post some video of successfull corners and ones i screwed up for comparison.

ALl in all, a good day. Bummed for Jenna, I really wanted her to get the full experience, plus nobody likes crashing, but nevertheless, shes a great teammate
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