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Bike retrieval and and follow-up x-ray

If you've ever had badly bruised ribs (or worse) you can probably relate to what I went through. Afraid to cough, sneeze, laugh or even take a deep breath because of the pain. Basically, anything involving your core abdominal muscles also hurts. I'm a side sleeper, but couldn't sleep on either side. But I was willing to act like I might still continue the ride, so our task the next day was to retrieve my bike and luggage and evaluate its roadworthy-ness. And I had to get a follow-up x-ray late that afternoon.

We checked out of the motel, but left Darrell's luggage in their storage room. If we needed to stay in Price another night we'd find a cheaper motel. BTW, since the crash was my screw-up, I was covering all motel and food costs for our stay in Price, as our preferred accommodation was a flat spot on the ground.

I got to ride as a passenger on Darrell's DR650. Like me, he had removed his passenger pegs so it was a pretty uncomfortable ride. When we got to the sheriff department office in Castle Dale, the parking lot was empty, and I feared our trip was for naught, as it was September 3, the Labor Day Holiday. But the door was open and there was a phone to pick up. Somebody answered, I explained why we were there and he came out and led us to the storage garage. He opened the bay door and the bike fired right up. We moved it outside along with my luggage and we gave the bike a thorough examination and fixed things as best we could.

We spent 3 hours working on the bike and we lucked out as it was on the shady side of the building.

Off the top of my head, here is what we worked on.
  • Straightened bent front fender stabilizer as best we could.
  • Adjusted rox risers, handlebars, handguards and handlebar controls.
  • Adjusted bent turn signal brackets
  • Adjusted bent luggage racks
  • Had to remove the headlight bracket and straighten it out.
  • Checked lights, headlight and one turnsignal were out. Replacements sourced from autoparts store.
  • Straightened bent rear brake pedal.
  • Discovered one of the rear subframe cross brackets was busted. Stabilized with hose clamps from autoparts store.
There were some things we couldn't fix there but they weren't showstoppers.
  • License plate light was broken
  • Gas tank mounting bolts were slightly bent.
Normally I do all my own work, but we needed to be expedient, so splitting the work made sense. Except where an extra set of hands was needed, we worked on different parts of the bike, and I had absolute trust in whatever work Darrell performed.

Oh, and another minor miracle. I was able to resurrect my GPS. It wasn't pretty and it wouldn't be waterproof but it worked.

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