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How long does it last

Just did this today on my 09 GS. This was my second failed strip. The first time it was the original and it left me stranded. I was using the trip odometer as well and I knew I was close, but since the light hadn't come on, I thought I had enough to get where I was going. This time it first told me I had a full tank when it was practically empty. On the next restart it simply went to no bars and yellow triangle. It's only been a couple of months since the new strip, so I'm well under warranty, but I thought I'd give this a try first.

Zapped it while on the bike...have to admit I was a bit nervous to pull the trigger. It seemed to have worked as the bars are back and no more flashing triangle. I havent had time to ride it, but I'll report back. I noticed I get a reading of 2.49ohms from the two center leads. I siphoned out a bit of gas to see if it made a difference and sure enough if I take out some gas it drops a few bars...when I put it back the bars come back. It's not an instant reading, but if I changed the amount of gas and then cycled the key on and off, after a little bit the reading on the lcd would update.

Those of you who have doen this, how long was it before the strip died again? Does it seem to be a one time deal or do we need to keep our zappers with us?
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