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What a complete pile of dung. Dung like that makes my teeth itch.

Happy birthday Mr. Vic O! Still in awe mang! You rock! I only have 13 more years till I qualify for that!

Nice meeting you Mr. Terry. Have fun at treemans!

Sunk my "yard improvement/new hobby bike/hobby vehicle money" at the mortgage after chasing a few contractors and cool old cars and bikes around and ultimately giving up. But hey man - with that extra change it's sweet! - now it's less than two years and the deed is mine. Love the little tiny crib. Will look forward to retiring here with itzy-bitzy overhead. Happy, cheap little home OWNER at the old age of about 53+. ZERO overhead. YIPPIE!!!

Shoot - I still have some moola left over for that cheap two-smoke I've been a-wantin. Gotta keep my antennas up (y'all do too)!

Love that 2-smoke IT n00b Acwells is sportin'!
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