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On the Road Again

Woo Hoo. We're on the road before 9 AM and have a 60 minute, mostly pavement ride back to the road at the top of Eagle Canyon. I've got a tough decision that's bugging me. Do I need to go all the way to the crash site to pick up the trail so I can say I rode the whole TAT, or do I could the quad ride up on the backboard.

I never had to finalize that decision. 6 miles outside of Price, my bike suddenly starts running like crap at speeds above 30 mph. It will start fine, idle fine, pull from stop strongly but just started sputtering at 30 mph. OK, we checked the small carb inlet fuel filter and various jets in the carb but don't find anything obvious and nothing makes it run better. I'd had occasional vapor lock on the trip but that wasn't it. It was getting hot by the side of the road so we rode back into town where there was a mini-mart gas station with shade to work on the bike and cold drinks.

We spent several more hours working on the bike. Was pretty hopeful when we found this.

But when I replaced it with a spare plug I was carrying, there was still no difference.
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