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End of the Road for me

At about 2:30 PM I officially pulled the plug on my trip. Who was I kidding? Even if I fixed the current problem, what hidden crash related gremlins were ready to bite me at a much more inopportune time. This was no longer the bike I had labored over for two years prepping for this specific ride. The trust was gone.

And what about me? I was a shadow of my former self, in pain and lacking strength. No way I could pick up a bike. I probably couldn't half my luggage if I took it off the bike. I was a total liability to Darrell and we were heading into the most remote parts of the TAT.

I was done. I was at peace with it.

We had used up most of the spare time built into our schedule. I told Darrell it was time for him to hit the road if he was going to have any chance of finishing the TAT. We'd had covered this scenario before the trip. I told him that if he bailed before we started I would go by myself and if he had a breakdown/accident I would make sure he was taken care of and then continue on by myself. Darrell took it to heart and prepared himself for the same scenario. He was more prepared for the trip than I was.

I gave Darrell my SPOT unit and some training on its use and told him I'd monitor his tracks. Wished him luck, told him to be careful and said goodbye.

Price was big enough to have a u-haul dealer and they even had the smallest sized truck that could be rented for a one-way trip. The next day I was packed and ready to go. Of course I needed a couple of guys to lift my bike into the truck.

It was weird driving home by myself. Even though it would have been faster, I couldn't bring myself to take the interstate. I took Hwy 50, a lonely two lane road across Utah and Nevada to try to capture some of the remoteness I would have been experiencing on the TAT.

No doubt. I was depressed. Until the crash the trip was everything I had imagined and more. Darrell and I were having a blast. When we were camping we always seemed to spend just enough time to find a great campsite or perfect for the circumstances. I'd found a riding partner who could take a month off to do it so we didn't have to hurry.

Anyway, that's my TAT story; or at least the last chapter of my story. Hopefully there's a ride report in me that will cover the pre-crash portion of the ride. Ride safe.
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