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Originally Posted by pepetrueba View Post
I salute you guys. I have down single track and have done considerable rides
on washed out trails l between Mike's Sky ranch and rancho El Coyote big and intermediate singles (n xr600, wr400 ,ktm 525)
But never, ever, nope , nein, niet ever attempt such washed out trails on a big and heavy beast.
You guys have big huevos rancheros.
I salute you and please keep gives me hope to try something before i die :)
Thank you, pepetrueba - it's a special complement, coming from a Baja local!
we envy your awesome backyard!

oldtrucks, linksIT,
Ol Man, Diggerled, Alleycatdad, Bgunn, TanMcG, jmcg -
You guys are the best! Thanks for the kind words!
I'm having a lot of fun here, but it's so much better when someone wants to read it!

Originally Posted by Christeon View Post
Woot! The D12 ran through here, no doubt it was Donovan.
I thought someone would recognize that sticker (but I don't know who Donovan is )

Originally Posted by Just Paul View Post
looks like he has gotten even better since I rode with him that section

YES. Mos' def.

that's a really cute photo of El Bartek, by the way.

hanksmybuddy - matt says thanks!
I like to think he's extra-motivated when we're 2up...

Day 2: 2/18/13 Gonzaga Bay to San Francisquito, continued
191 miles

It was getting late by the time we got out of Bay of LA.
4:12pm, according to my time-stamped photo.

The “Mine/8 Mile/WTF” road had taken way, way longer than anticipated
and now we were behind schedule.
The plan was to get to San Ignacio (Race Mile 615). We were at RM 395.

So, we needed to go 220 miles more (315 total) in order to stay on track.
That didn’t leave much time for delays or another feeding...

I love the Sea of Cortez.
I pulled up a chart in case you are curious about the islands in the Bay of LA.

But today we were all about land. The dirt, in particular.
This was a pretty rough, bumpy road.

So bumpy, in fact, it would have been easy to lose something off a bike...

Something like a Rotopax, maybe?

Scott wanted to see how long it would take for Bartek to notice it was missing - so mum was the word.
But, he was also worried that the T-handle mount might have come off,
so he (and we) would be keeping an eye out for that part as well.

For a lot of this road, there was an alternative road running alongside.
It may have been less washboard-y, but looked to be full of silt.

Ugh. Silt? No, thanks. We’ll stick to the washboard. Plus, we're looking for the T-handle.

Looks like Scott chose the side road!

photo by Barteknologie™

When we caught up with the guys,
Bartek was telling Scott that he had stopped because
one of his pipes was bouncing around...

One of the carbon fiber mounting straps had broken
and the remaining strap wasn’t looking too hot, either.

I don’t remember what Scott finally said, but Bartek eventually realized that he was missing his Rotopax.

Heh. Better keep an eye on that thing, Mr. B.

The light was quickly fading.
We still had a long way to go (and a short time to get there).

Bartek’s solution to the broken strap didn't seem to be holding.
We had to stop a little further down the road and devise a better fix.

Matt cut a piece of our Amsteele blue and used it to secure the pipe.

As it got darker, my photos got blurrier (again).
I’m using this one anyway. It was pretty out there.

It got better. We even stopped in order to take this photo.
(and to pee )

Wow. Again, nothing beats the sunrises/sunsets in Baja.

Futher down the road Bartek was also admiring the evening sky.

photo by Barteknologie™

Goggles Pizano.

photo by Barteknologie™

They were having some snacks when we caught up.
I think they thought we had crashed - sorry, guys.
Just taking pics and going pee.

It gets DARK in Baja, especially out in the dirt.
Night riding is neat, but always a little risky.
We saw lots of bunnies, cows and burros out there.
I was trying to take a photo of some cows here...
But all you can really see is dust.

There was one spot where Matt and I hit the edge of a washed-out section (hard), it was bad.
Part of the road had just disappeared, leaving a big hole.
Our lights had picked it up early and Matt was able to avoid the worst of it.
We knew that those guys were going even faster so we stopped to warn them.
Good thing, too. It could have been ugly (bad enough to break something).

At least it made us all more cautious.

After a bit, Matt and I were back in the lead again.
There was another huge washout on the right side of the road and we barely cleared it.
This washout was even harder to see than the last one.
We knew Goggles and Bartek were still riding side by side - CHiPs style - to avoid the dust.
Oh, crap - one of those guys is going to eat it.
Matt quickly grabbed some rocks and stacked them up in front of the washout.
At least it would make them slow down and look.

Haha, he stacked them so quickly, our dust didn’t even clear.

Later, Goggles claimed that we were going faster than they were, but I doubt that.
At any rate, they saw the rocks and missed the washout!

We stopped at the turn off for San Francisquito and waited for the guys.
It was getting pretty late and we needed to make a group decision.
We could press on to San Ignacio, but we probably wouldn’t get there until after 11pm.
Chances were, everything (restaurants, motels) would be closed by then.
We’d be S.O.L., but we’d be that much further down the peninsula.

If we went for San Francisquito, we *might* get some dinner.
Maybe a cabana.
But, last time we were there, the cabanas only had crappy wooden cots.
No bedding or anything.
And they could all be taken (they were full last time).
Worst case scenario, we’d be sleeping on the beach.

Here’s a map. Son of a biscuit! Blurry.
I tried really hard with this one, too.

It was unanimous - San Francisquito.
We were all set to book on down there when...
Mother brother!

A flat. Ours.
The first one of the trip.

Bartek -0
Scott - 0
M + K - 1

I asked Scott if he would rush on ahead to SF and try and secure some food and shelter for us.
He was the man for the job - and he took off in a flash.
Bartek could have gone with him, but opted to stay with us.

Bartek’s lights emphasize the washboard, huh?

Rear flat.

From a big frickin’ screw.

BigWan was fast, though.
Looking at the time stamps on my pics, he changed that flat in about 20 min.

When we got to San Francisquito, I was nervous.
I would have felt lucky to have a wooden cot and some tarps to keep the wind out.
Instead, we found out that they offer real beds now!
With sheets and everything!!
Wooo Hooo!

Good job, Goggles Pizano!!

Everyone was pretty freakin’ stoked!

They didn’t have a cabana that slept 4, so Matt and I had our own.
I was just thrilled to have sheets and a pillow.

And check out our awesome Hamburglar curtains!!

The kitchen agreed to stay open, so we were going to have dinner!
Way to go, Scott!
Tacos #40, 41, 42

#s 43, 44, 45.

and, #49, 50, 51 (Matt had #46, 47, 48 - and my #49)

Oh, yeah. 
This was only Day 2, and I screwed up the stats.
I took the pic of Norm last night, but forgot to clear the info.
In the morning Matt turned the GPS on and it just continued on.

I hurt myself a little, but I figured out the numbers for Day 2.
Can you read them? I think so.
total miles - 190.9
trip moving - 5:51
trip stopped - 6:21
trip total - 12:12

Sorry, no accurate moving average.

edit - Matt says our average was 32.4 mph. Not bad considering we lost so much time looking at flowers on Mine Rd.

Day 2 is in the books!
From the beach to the rocks to the ROCKS to the wash to the beach again.
It was a long 191 miles.
We needed those beers.

(aw, youtube took away that simpson’s clip for “beer, beer, beer, bed, bed, bed.”)
(it would have been perfect)

oh well. it was like this:

The only bad thing about the evening - no showers.
I mean, technically there were showers but they were ice cold.
We learned this when we heard Bartek sceaming from the bathroom.

Poor Bartek.

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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