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Originally Posted by Beemerboff View Post
when Truimph did a 24 reliability trial on three stock production SU equipped, unfared, Thunderbird's they managed over 90 MPH and over 90 miles per (imperial) gallon - a bit better than any Bing equipped Airhead is ever going to do.
My 650 Triumph would do 100 imperial mpg with an HS2 SU. But it wasn't a T'Bird, with a 9 stud top end, 9:1 pistons and Bonnie cams....and it wasn't a Triumph either, but a Triton and weighed a lot less than a stock bike. Still, how come my 650 Triumph could do 100mpg, and my 600cc Norton also with an HS2 could do over 90mpg....and yet my 650 BMW of similar hp can't get anywhere near those figures ?
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