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Originally Posted by Ladder106 View Post
I was trying to somewhat duplicate what the Suzuki guys did. The standard air filter lid (left side of the airbox) looks like this (without the triangular hole in the front)

The black airdam is connected to a short "snorkel that protrudes about 30 mm into the airfilter area.
The really cool solution to whole airbox stuff on DR (something I did not have time to do to mine - it was next planned mod but sold bike) is to remove battery box. Relocate battery to front of bike where sump guard is. Move CDI and RR to frame head (just like they did for rally bike) and create very large airbox by using space free from all that clutter. You may be surprised but it is not hard job to do. I even pre-fitted new setup and god larger battery (16.5 Ah) I said, sold the bike.
Using that metod will allow not only to run large airbox, preventing need for large opening. It will also allow to use one of standard flat filters like in cars making it cheaper in the long run.
Obviously there are lot of added benefit - designing box to allow easier carb removal and access to whole bits behind battery box and so on.
I do not remember how it is on 750, but on 800 not that much stuff (electrically) depends on airbox. Only considerable bit is running real thick wire to starter.
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