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A little follow-up wrt Hailwood TT/Mallory

"Basically, the whole TT business was a bloody silly idea that turned out reasonably good. I would like to stress however that not once during the whole TT period did I stick my neck out. Not once did I have a full-out go - I always had a lot in hand. At most, I rode at eight-tenths, so I'm naturally delighted I was able to lap reasonably fast. But obviously Mallory was a different matter."



"Mind you, my poor old toes took a hammering! I wore my right little toe down to the bone going round Gerards. I must say I was surprised and very pleased to have won. In some ways I was just as happy about my Mallory win as I had been about the TT. It's one thing to win in the Isle of Man, where people could always say it was because I knew the circuit better, and so on. But to win at a short circuit is a different matter - it proved I can still scratch a bit, and that pleases me personally!"
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