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I don't care for the R65 machines. They are an entry level motorcycle for people who don't know how to ride a real motorcycle. I also don't like Airheads made after '84, they have Nikasil cylinders, real men have Iron cylinders. And I don't like 500 and 600 cc Airheads, they have funny cam shafts, they ping. And why would anybody want a 750? They come bigger you know. But I don't like R100 engines, they are too big and vibrate. I guess the only one I like is the 900 but in '74 the alternator is too small and the transmission? Don't ask. There is the 1976 900 but it doesn't have a headlight on/off switch so you can't turn off the headlight, that's stupid. No, I guess I like the 1975 R90/6. That's what I like and that's what I ride.

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