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Originally Posted by ebrabaek View Post
Yes and no.... I will give you an example....... If you use a moose racing bend piece of aluminum to create a composite over, you expose yourself to in this case moose racing, who could claim royalties. Do this while picturing said procedure on a public forum, and it now is chiseled in stone. Do the same procedure per your own bend aluminum piece...... Nothing. That becomes more so if you simply made a print of a whole moose guard...... You get the drift. Now that is a far out scenario, I know, but you are at the mercy of in this case moose racing. I am proud to say, I have never gotten any issues, by observing the above example.
Originally Posted by ebrabaek View Post
You and me both... regarding the copyright laws. They are sort of clear ( as mud...) and, there are many interpretations of them....even among judges...etc. In the example above. You used a product from a known manufacture.....
( Picture on page 19 of this thread. Picture is publicized, on a web forum) The part that you will be defending in the court room, is that A.... you copied their excact shape.... and using their product to enhance your own project, rather than if you bend your own bar. This case is a bit farther out, as compared to say if you covered their plastic. That is a given. BUT...... I guess what I am eluding to here, is, you are exposing yourself.... Perhaps the most, by publically announcing that you used their product to enhance your own, by publishing it on a WWW forum. Key word on the latter part. Now.... would they ever come after you.... properly not..... They might just look at hiring you instead, as you clearly have proved to them, that you are a go getter.... So rather than turning this great thread into copyright thread, I will just close with the following advise. Try at all costs to make it all from scratch.... even if that means you buy an aluminum rod, and bend it to the same shape as the one used. I know you can do this. If you feel there are no way around this..... Cover the logo....... You follow the above.... your safe. Great job amigo.
ebrabaek, don't mean to be argumentative, but think you're way off-base here. therivermonster has nothing to fear. He's making/selling a complimentary product; an alternative (upgrade) to Moose's plastic handguards. There's nothing wrong with designing something to be compatible with another company's products. That's what the whole aftermarket is based on, in this industry and many others.
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