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I don't know what's going on with photobucket. Thumbnail images are tiny and direct you to a photobucket page with a small version of the picture. Direct [img]file address[/img] makes them show up huge. Weird. So, bear with me while I struggle through figuring it out.

I got my parts in the mail yesterday. Had to spend all night on homework and not fixing my bike. If any of you are considering your master's in engineering I would strongly advice against it. It really gets in the way of wrenching time!

Anyway, here's all the parts ready to go together:

After smearing a bunch of loctite on my fingers - and a little on the seal, I was able to get that seated:

Then, the bearing went on the shaft easily - with a little help from an arbor press:

Bearings and shaft ready to go in. I smeared some grease in the recess of the seal to help get the shaft to slide through and maybe help keep the oil out of the coolant and the coolant out of the oil:

Bearings and shaft went in easily. New clips and o-rings installed

Slid the impellor back on and put on a new washer with the old bolt. She's ready to go back on the bike!

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