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Originally Posted by ME 109 View Post
I'm a heat gun supporter as well.

Not so sure I like the blackened bearings. Would it not show that the bearings have been spinning in the cover?

I wouldn't put it back together without changing the bearings. They are reasonably cheap.

A thorough rinse of all shafts and selector mechanism in a tub of petrol (or proper safe fluid ) to remove any crud.........there will be crud.
I'm wondering where any of you have found cheap bearings...or bearings at all for that matter. There's no shop locally in my area that carries what I need and I haven't found any online besides ebay, and those don't seem exactly cheap to me.

I tried a heat gun, then back to the torch again, then heat gun again, and still no luck getting the remaining two shafts out. So I think it's safe to say the bearings on that end aren't going to be spinning around in there, unlike the other ones. I'll just leave them alone and replace the three. Those, along with the springs on the selector mechanism.

Got the engine out of the frame and will be examining the clutch this week.
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