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We (he)...
Again Magic Ian was a blur of adjustments and tho/ough I was unable to work out exactly what was doing before he moved on to the next correction of my sloppy work he was clearly in full control of what he was doing, and I could feel the machine becoming more comfortable as he made each tweak. I think there was a change to the float levels, I think he rechecked all the jets, I think he tweaked the cables back & forth, I think he got it to start without a mixture screw in the right hand side, I think he made it healthy tho/ough I couldn’t tell you exactly how.

But as I rode it away I realised just how rough it had been running for a long time - you know when you have a new clutch fitted in a car & your foot almost goes through the floor because you'd slowly become used to the deterioration of the last one? The difference that Ian pulled out of it was astounding. But the real test would come when I saw what happened in the cold of the next morning.

Ian had taken from 9AM to 1.30PM sans break getting it right, and all in parts + labour the bill was 33 inc. VAT... I gave him another little something as a gift, but my legal department has advised me to herein state (for the benefit of the tape) that this in no way constitutes an admission of an extra payment, & may not be used in evidence against either of us :-D I really had to fight him to take it and though I'm mightily starved of cash I just thought he deserved a private gift for going way above & beyond the call of duty.

Now I just need to modify the seat pan mounting so I don't have to undo the top sub-frame bolts to get at the battery each time, check the electrolyte levels after 3 weeks of almost constant trickle charging, save up 42 or so for 6 months tax at the end of March and 30 or so for an MOT in early April, which will require a 25 2nd hand front tyre from Motorworks (+ a few other small/cheap things like a cracked rear downpipe bracket), get a new full size number plate just to be on the safe side (though I may cut it down to an 11mm border as per regulated minimum), hit an oil & filter change and in the process sort out why the oil cooler isn't getting a proper feed and then just ride the fuck out of the thing :-D

There’s still a little bit of trouble getting started from cold, but I feel that now the mechanicals & fueling are sorted then the problem must reside in the electrics. This is somewhat confirmed by the fact that when it won’t start I can spray the electrics with WD40 and it then fires up. It’s running really smoothly, but I need to find the electricky Gremlin…

An Electricky Gremlin...
...using the wrong spanner since 1964... ...Electronically begging for a rebuild via
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