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Originally Posted by Volksg View Post
hi, that its my kind a way of travel...low cc bike, and time to really see the landscape, you have there some of the most beautifull photos that i ever seen, cheers
Thank you very much. Plenty people enjoy fast bikes and good luck to them, but I can't help but feel they're missing out at times. There's so much to look at in this country that zipping past it at 130mph is doing yourself a great disservice. Even when I 'move up' bikes I wouldn't be getting anything built for speed.

Originally Posted by kwakbiker View Post
sounds about right price wise mate, good luck
Thanks man. Info in the next post!

Originally Posted by Platinumgrit View Post
Stunning, stunning photos. May all your February's be as beautiful and more so. BTW, hurry up & get yer full license - I'll be in Scotland after I finish with the Isle of Man TT, and you'll be near enough where I'll be staying. If you want riding & exploring company, and a fellow (shite, but not so shite as to be truly shite) photographer, I'd be honored.
If February was like this every year I'd have myself cryogenically frozen about only brought out for 28 glorious days a year.

Sounds good man. If I don't have a licence by then, something catastrophic will have happened so I think I'll be good.

You doing a RR for your travels?

Originally Posted by conchscooter View Post
I always look for an update here when I drop in on AdvRider, great pictures and transparent pleasure form the act of riding make it a great read.

(I grew up mixing my riding between left and right sides of the road. I found that I fell naturally into the pattern of the places. had I been required to reverse the common usage I would have got muddled, but as it was i knew where to go in each country from force of habit. Driving in the US Virgin Islands is complicated because they use US signage and drive on the left, as much as anyone follows the rules, so that is confusing).
Thanks man. Yeah I always feel that troubles melt away when you're on a bike. I can't not enjoy myself. Glad it comes across.

Yep you're right about the side of the road business. Many thousands of bikers head to different countries every year and most seem to do okay. Can't be that hard or no-one would get home.
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