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My test is booked for the 28th of March.

Normally I'd keep it quiet so that in the event of failure I could simply not mention it and tell you all that the reason it was being put off was that I was concerned about the weather going bad in November or that I didn't have enough money.

No, I swear this will be my first attempt.

To demonstrate how slow I've been about this, new legislation has managed to come out since my last test (Mod 1). I'm slower than a semi-corrupt semi-democracy. The engine size of the bike I have to use has risen from at least 500cc to at least 595cc so the old Suzuki G500 (or whatever the hell that thing was) has been given the heave-ho and I'll be doing the test on a Yamaha Diversion. I've never been on a Yamaha before but I've got an hour before the test to get myself acquainted with it. I can't imagine it does anything mind-bogglingly radical so it'll just be getting used to the seating position. I'm hoping it's less cramped than the Suzuki.

Anyway so that's my D-Day. It's out there so no hiding when the time comes. If it's 10 o'clock at night on the 28th and I still haven't posted you'll know I'm too ashamed to say!

In the mean time the wee Suzuki has been Mot'd and given a facelift in preparation of her imminent departure. Givi cruiser panniers that I bought a year and a half ago but never bothered to put on due to a complication with a screw and my sissy bar now adorn the rear end of the bike. They were a right bastard to get on but of course the first thing I said once it was done was, "I should've done that ages ago". I'm hopeless at times.

They look alright too. The silver studs then line the side could do with being painted over mind you. They're a bit 'Rhinestone Cowboy'.

Here she is. I'm still waiting on a new choke cable but once that's done she's good to go.

(Also; that isn't an oil patch!)

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