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Originally Posted by ghostrider1964 View Post
Well after nearly losing my truck in the fire yesterday, I am back at work today...Did y'all know that 2008 Ford F550s have a oil sensor that likes to go. Truck has oil and No mechanical reason for truck to run other than this sensors tells computer to shut down I had just got our truck positioned to intercept the head of the fire when a message comes up on the dash saying "low oil pressure, stop safely now"...the truck turns immediatley did I mention I have a 15-20 high wall of fire headed in my direction truck would not turn over at all. I had to call for help and luckily got 2 trucks to me right before the fire. My pump motor is separate so I was able to protect the truck while the 2 brush trucks knocked down the head of the fire. I was then towed by a brush truck out through the fire back to command. Literally, took an easy operation and made a fubar out of it due to computer lockout on ignition...seriously..on a fire truck...I was told what was wrong by one of the firemen from another Ford F550 like ours and I soon learned EVERY Ford 550 truck in county has had this issue!!!! WTF..A truck sold to be a fire truck that shuts down due to faulty sensors!!! The truck has 9,380 miles on it! This is the second time our truck has done this..Rant OFF!!!!
On a positive note....deleted with a big tune intake and exhaust it'll hold off a vette to 100.
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