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Originally Posted by 81cr450 View Post
I'm just curious what you all are considering " OLD " 2-stroke wise. I was born in 76 so the bikes from my early teens are what I see as old. A 20+ year old 2-stroke has been through a rebuild or 2. But I realize bikes were some of the very first replacements for the horse & buggy. Seems like there's a bit of division on here with the olds cool 2 stroke thread & if it aint old you should be in the thumper section YOUNG MAN
I think of a thumper as an xr500r my cousin had, so it just doesnt seem to fit in my mind as wicked give you the shakes throttle response of a 2 stroke bike.
Not trying to make anyone I just want to understand the division or sell by date to know if a build I'm working on is old enough to fit in olds cool

Your mom is old..

To me.. 1975 and older on 2T

1971 and older on 4T

oh. and I was born in 82 so age has nothing to do with it.
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