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Originally Posted by Drif10 View Post
Biggest thing though was at how clear it was the rv got away with that pass under the flags.
Couple of thoughts...

I haven't really thought about it until now but this video caught my attention. From about 4:20, you can clearly see the red lights and RV ahead of JS. JS passes RV after the red lights. My understanding is that red lights = no passing. Can anyone confirm?

When RV passes JS, there is a standing red cross flag and then two waving yellows. RV does not pass JS until after the first waving yellow - that appears quite clear to me. My understanding that passing is now OK under a waving yellow?

So the question is, does the red cross flag "end" at the waving yellow - in other words, does the flag where a rider is NOW trump the flag where he was a second ago?

One could argue that it's easy for JS to miss the red lights at first in the heat of battle. I don't disagree. I've read that RV had "begun the pass" before the waving yellow - I don't see where that's a problem as long as the pass didn't take place prior to the waving yellow. To me, it's really about what the rules say about the red cross and yellow flags in close proximity.

Unless there is clear-cut language in the rulebook, I don't see any other option than doing nothing about RVs pass. If red lights = no passing in a corner, isn't JS' pass pretty clearly no good?

I say let it go. I imagine that JS knows that RV had him covered that night and will come out swinging at the next round.

As an aside, I've never been a big JS fan, but I'm really impressed with him seemingly riding within his limits this season. IMO, if he'd have figured that out years ago he'd have a pile of championships.
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